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Call me Clark


So, next month, Ninsi, the Squid, and myself are going on a small road-trip summer family-type vacation. I told the young one we could go anywhere in a given radius that she wanted. Almost anywhere. She wanted Mexico, and I had to rule that one out. And New York is too far. So it looks like we will be going to the Grand Canyon. Nature's Majesty, Wonder of the Natural World, and all that.

We're also thinking of trying to pass through Albuquerque and maybe see Hag for a day. And maybe crash at his casa for that first night. I need to send him an email and see if that's cool. Or leave a none-too-subtle hint in the form of this blog post...

Anyway, on the way back from the Grand Canyon, we could also swing through and visit the Petrified Forest. Our vacation week would serendipitously coincide with the Summer Solstice. At the Petrified Forest, they have some kind of ancient function solar calendar. So, we could go through there on June 21 to marvel at what would surely be an awe inspiring sight of shadows crawling across dead trees.

The other option is to forego the Forest, and instead head to Roswell for a few hours over the Summer Solstice. What would we get at Roswell that we wouldn't get at the Petrified Forest? Dumber, I suspect. We would possibly also get a few conspiracy theorists, an excessive amount of worthless souvenirs and memorabilia crap, and most importantly, we probably wouldn't actually SEE anything. But, it's aliens and shit, right? So that is worth some points.

Help us out. Vote in the poll. Or make a better suggestion.

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I'd hit Carlsbad Caverns if you could; awesome place.

You guys could be OK staying with me, it depends entirely on the date. I might even have a new bed by then, in which case you'd have the crappy old full bed :)


Roswell sounds way cooler than it is. They haven't capitalized on the alien thing nearly as much as they should have. Haven't been to the Petrified Forest, but Carlsbad is awesome like Hag says. Just be careful to bring antibacterial things for your hands b/c guano covers the hand railings.

Hag, we're looking at leaving Dallas on or around June 16th and trying to hit Alburquerque that same day.


Wow, that's like a 10 hour drive. I'll mark the calander.


Yes - I even managed to find away for us to get all the locations in the road trip - it involves a lot of long hours of driving, so it's one of those "suggestions" Basically we have to make it to GC eventually, and make it home by the 22nd, and be sure to stop by to see you, Hag. Everything else is "if we have time." It'd be nice to do it all, but vacations should be relaxing - not stressfull. (must keep reminding myself of this)


Yup, don't worry too much about making things by a certain date. I can point out a few neat things to see when you get here, if you have the time (and, in some cases, a 4 wheel drive vehicle :).


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