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Ninsi and I live pretty close to a lake. Walking distance anyway. It wasn't really a factor in us choosing the house, but was kind of a nice thing to have near. And even though I haven't gone fishing in forever, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I would get a pole, and go catch dinner sometime.

Those dreams were dashed last night.

We went to check out the park that is on the lake. It is actually pretty frikkin large. Lots of space, and it abutts the lake. Lots of people just out. Kids playing soccer, and basketball, and general park laying around. There are even some disc golf baskets. But it seems to be an incomplete course, so that isn't an option. I even saw one guy carrying a fishing pole back from the shore, and thought "Hey, that could be me in a couple weeks." But, as we were leaving, I saw a sign in the parking lot that said it was illegal to possess any fish from the lake. You can catch them, but you can't take them home or eat them, because they are CONTAMINATED. That's all it said. This lake is contaminated, so we made a law against eating the fish. Bastards. I'm sure the old, decomissioned, Air Force base has something to do with it.

In other news, Ninsi wants to be a gay man and run off to New York.

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LA - he's in LA now.


What? What are we talking about?


Her fascination with James St. James. I think I want to be a gay man too.

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