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Dish Asher

What is a Dish Asher, you ask? I dont know. But Ryan's is now accepting applications for them.

Ninsi has gone full bore wedding head. It's my own fault for actually purchasing our rings this weekend. We should get them sometime next week, and then I will have to sneak them off and hide them in a safe, or safety deposit box for about a year. Otherwise, she'll be futzing with them all the time.

The Mexican that was supposed to show up yesterday morning at ten am and fix the whole in my wall, never appeared. Maybe we got our days mixed up? I dunno. Maybe he needs a supervisor like the one I saw outside the window today. The lawncare service was at Ryan's, and I could see a couple guys on opposite corners of the lawn. One was obviously directing everything. And at times, he seemed more than a little put out by his underlings. Lots of arm and hand waving, and possibly shouting. Couldn't hear it. He was standing on one corner so that he could see people working on two sides of the building. Not sure he was pleased with anything he saw. Still, maybe he could get the hole in the wall fixed.


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