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Meet the fam

Actually, I've already met all the fiancee's family. This weekend I spent most of it hanging around with them. Ninsi, the Squid, and myself. I also bought a yo-yo, and that was good.

Ninsi and I drove back from Tulsa to Dallas yesterday. She in her car, and me in the U-Haul, which had a bad battery. We were offset by about an hour getting it started, and had no significant problems with it after that. We dropped it off last night, and I fully expect it did not start this morning. But, it is done, and I think that we now have everything for the house that we are going to get for a while.

Lots of stuff to put away again. And never enough time to do it. I need to finish re-finishing the table. Put away *all* the clothes. Finish arranging the office. Put up the wall hangings. Then, I can put away everything in the garage, and then paint the garage, and put up a work area in there.

Oh, and the other nifty thing we realized over the weekend: The sellers agreed to leave all the appliances for us. Looking through pictures, we noticed that the appliances they left were NOT the ones that were in the house when we walked through. I hate them for so many reasons.

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my great aunt and uncle were new family to meet. And you're lucky you didn't get the full brunt of the guilt trip she offered me for missing the last 2 years of my great grandmothers birthday/family reunion they host each Feb.
Next Valentine's Day she turns 99. So we have no plans for Valentine's day weekend next year - we're going to Edmond.


I met the GF's parents; her dad was really cool, her mother got my name wrong.. twice.

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