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Memorable weekend

Nothing spectactularly memorable about it actually, but it seemed to be fairly busy with the doing of things, so it was good. Friday was the end of month poker night. Should be the last one for about two months since the Squid will be coming down for vacation in about two weeks, and we will be heading out of state for a while. That is going to put a kink into playing poker. But it will be good to not do it I think for a bit.

Saturday Ninsi and I drove around in the rain for a while, and bought a watermelon. We eventually made it over to Zero's where I took over the grilling of the burgers and brats. In proper weather, it would have been a cookout and swim party. But the weather made it more of a cook in, and there was no swimming to be had. There were eventually strippers, but not at Zero's. And towards the end of the night there, a really drunk guy thought he would get up on a side stage and do his own dance. The stripper that was supposed to be up there just laid down and watched him while he ripped off his shirt and gyrated. When the bouncers came to get him, they grabbed him by the arm, he jerked that away and moved to the other side of the stage. At that point, the bouncer got up on stage and put the headlock on him. The only surprising thing was how long it took the bouncers to get there.

On the way home, Ninsi managed to say something that was completely nonsensical. "The difference between timed lights and monitored ones is insignificant. So people should just take their own pictures." I think it wasn't actually Ninsi, so much as the Vodka talking.

Sunday we did a little shopping in the happy district, and eventually went out to the Church. It was rather crowded. Though I did get my picture taken and put up on their picture board. I'm so suave. Met a couple people that we had not seen in months, so it was pretty good all around.

Monday, golf. I did fairly well for me. Later today, racquetball, and maybe a quick journey back to the happy district.

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I think I said "...between timed lights and triggered ones is significant." at least that was my point. Then I'm pretty sure I passed out, and just kept talking. But I remembered saying it when you reminded me. And I also remember there being a significant amount of time between when I said it, and you calling me out on it. I think you were trying really hard to make sense of it. I have no idea where I was coming from about the pictures though.


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