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After lunch today, Im talking to a girl in the office. Something which I only do under the greatest duress, I assure you. She was feeling a bit out of sorts because she had been hit on by what she described as a very old Mexican tamale selling guy. He asked about her husband (she is single) and then mentioned that he had a position for her, gave her his number, and sold her a tamale. I didn't think it was a big deal, until she mentioned that the tamale guy sold her the tamale in the building. On this floor. At her desk. Creeped her out a little, he did.

I have worked here for over a year and a half. Not once, ever, have I seen a guy in the halls selling tamales. It is possible that one of the guys from the bankruptcy class wandered over with some tamales while I was at lunch and started to sell them, but it is still a little odd. No one else has ever mentioned anything like it either. I don't disbelieve her, but at the same time, it is more than a little odd.

I told her she shouldn't have taken his number, because he like, knows where she works and stuff. So she went to Starbucks to see if the cute guy there would hit on her as he usually does. But he wasn't there, so she was left with nothing but the bad tamale.

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I have seen the tamale man. He is of Mexican derivation and someimes has a basket of fresh vegetables along with the tamales. Once he had a large knife and it was kinda freaky, but i enjoyed munching on his tamale.

I was wondering who that old mexican guy was. Didn't ever recall an old mexican guy working on our floor... I wonder if I could do that if I'm ever old and jobless. I can be the old chinese man roaming around office buildings selling egg rolls.


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