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Tractor pull

Sometimes, things don't show up quite like you expect them to.

Today, on eBay, I did a search on 'tyranids sprue' so I could get an idea of the going rate for a set so I could sell the sprue I have. Anyway, this came up along with a few other things. It's not so much that it isn't even a tyranid in the picture, so much that it isn't even close. It's like they just took a random picture of a toy from the kids toybox and put it up there. But what makes it better, and what actually made me laugh so hard, was that even though it came up under a 'nid search, the line says that you are bidding on a "Warhammer 40k Space Marine Chaos Bike"

Yes, and that Space Marine's name is Cletus, and he is married to his sister.
Chaos Bike my ass.

(and yes, i know that only a few people will find this at all amusing. the rest of you can stand around and just say to yourself 'i dont get it')

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THats great, did you message the guy to tell him he was selling a tractor? Hmm maybe John Deer was the creater of the Dreadnaught and Rhino.


Weird; the title is tractor related as well...


I am humiliated that I got it.


More pillow talk...

Last night, in bed, Phlome was still giggling about the chaotic tractor thing. Then he started uncontrolably laughing. He managed to squeeze out the following words:
"the...chaos god's...name....is....Corn!"
More hysterical laughing insued, along with some tractor/corn commentary between breaths.

I love my Geek.

In my defense, I said 'Khorne'. Because that is his name...


they're audibly the same, i wasn't about to try and spell it correctly. Khorne Forbid!


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