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You can see the hole over at Ninsi's page. We will get it fixed. Things like that happen. They shouldn't. But they do. The guy was fortunate that he landed between wall studs, or he probably would have broken his collarbone instead of just his finger. A couple feet to the right, and he would have hit glass. I would rather he hit the wall as he did than have knocked into my bookcase with the Sandman figurines on it. The wall won't cost too much to fix. The figurines would be significantly more to replace. If replacement is even possible.

Oh, I think Ninsia nd I bought forgot to mention the reather disturbing sight we saw at the lake on Sunday. We were walking on the shoreline, and there was a garbage back that had washed up on shore. Ninsi without her glasses couldn't see it real well, and made a joke about body bits into the lake. I looked at it, and it actually was a garbabe bag, into which someone had stuffed a dog, and then thrown into the lake. Fuckers. Just makes you so proud to be a human sometimes, don't it?

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yeah, I felt bad. It looked to me to be a white log (sun bleached) or possibly white material wrapped around a log shaped something or other thrown into a bag. Basically I thought it was trash. I jokingly said "oooh, dead body" then I looked at phlome for a giggle of reaction, and he wasn't smiling, so I squinted and saw a doggie nose and ears. Then I realized why all the kids were standing around pointing. I felt horrible. And dirty.


Sorry about that, next time we'll put tiny little concrete blocks on his feet.


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