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So, I play golf. Poorly, but I play. Usually with Zero. Occassionly with one or two other people. For several years, like 5, I have used an online score tracker (golfstats.net) to keep track of the scorecards. It tracks your scores, calculates your handicap, does comparisons, keeps track of 'records' for your group, and has just hundreds of charts to look at. Most of it doesn't mean anything to me, becuase I mostly just go to hit the ball. But it was free, and convenient, and let me enter scores, and then send a copy of the scorecard to other interested parties so we could all laugh and poke fun at our lack of golf prowess.

Last night, I started to enter the scorecard for Sunday's match with myself and Zero. As soon as I log in, the screen was new, and it was asking me to pick a new pricing plan. I went with the free 'Classic' that I had been using for nigh on five years. But everything was different now. I was only able to enter scores for one person at a time. Almost all the charts I had before were gone. I could no longer see 'records' of who did how well, and when. Annoyed by the sudden lack, and full of righteous anger that I was now going to have to pay for what had been free for so long, I sent an email. I was mostly bothered by the lack of any notification of this change.

It took them about a minute to respond back. I actually got two responses, but they both said essentially the same thing:
1) Yes, there was a new pricing plan, but the prices had been REDUCED
2) They just upgraded to new software
3) The free plan I had been using for the last 4 years was actually the two month trial of a premium plan that I had just never been charged for.
4) They were checking with the programmers to find out how my account slipped through the cracks for so long.

The funny thing was the first email was real indignant. The guy was kinda snippy in his email. Some choice quotes: "Why
would you need warning of a price reduction?", "In fact, according to my
records you haven't paid for more than four years!", "Group 314159 is long, long past the free trial period."

He also stated he couldn't backcharge me for four years, but I think he wanted to do so. The other email said much the same, only she was very polite about it. All in all, yes, I did get a good deal for four years. And it isn't like it is a lot of money ($13/year) so I will probably actually start paying for it, once I have been through the new free version to see if it actually isn't good enough. Ninsi and I got a good laugh from the indignant reply though.

If only my four year freebie had been worth more than $50.


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