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Ive taken tomorrow off. I had planned it a long time ago since a buddy of mine was supposed to be in town from Florida for the weekend. But he wasn't able to make it. I decided to go ahead and keep the day off though. Never hurt to have a four day weekend.

Ninsi went to Six Flags last night, and she is going again tonight. So, since she will be having her fun, I am going to go have a little of my own. Maybe. I figure tonight will be as good a night as any to drive up to OK and see how the poker is at Winstar Casino. I already called them, and was disheartened to hear that you have to be there in person to even get on the list. That really blows, since I had planned to call on my way up and not have to wait forever to play. But I'll drive up anyway and see how it is. That's my evening in a nutshell.

And probably no more entries til middle of next week. I think we have something going on most of the weekend days til then. Wish me luck at the tables. Have a safe Fourth.

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How far away is that?


about hour and 45 min from shady manor


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