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It has turned into quite the dreary Friday. Clouds have rolled in, and it is now raining. I was up working til about 1:30 this morning, and then up close enough to my regular time to be insignificant.

I will probably move upstairs on Monday. Because my boss just wants me up there by the end of the week, as near as I can tell.

No real big plans for the weekend. We will be heading to A-kon at some point tomorrow to hang out. Ninsi wants to get a hotel room downtown so that when we get unable to drive home, we wont have to. So we will probably do that.

In the meantime, I have to make a lot of beef jerky. We will be taking it on vacation with us, so I need to get it made this weekend, then hide it for a week. So that will be part of my plans for this evening. Buying a roast, and marinading it so I can start dehydrating it tomorrow.

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hotel room booked - not quite within stumbling distance - but within a cheap taxi ride - about a mile away.
If I didnt' know I'd be wearing terribly uncomfortable shoes, I might suggest the walk. But I don't think a drunk vinyl clad girl stumbling barefoot through dallas at 3 am accompanied by a leather clad just as drunk escort is a very good idea.


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