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The weekend is over. Today, Im moving upstairs.

Friday, I was tired, having had to stay up til almost two the prior night getting some stuff done for work. Ninsi and I were going to go to dinner, and possibly to a movie, and maybe even make an appearance at A-kon. But after dinner, I was all ready for bed. So, we went home, and I had a beer. I managed to stay away until almost midnight, but remained slothlike.

Saturday, got up early and started making jerky.
Ninsi and I eventually got around and hooked up with Zero and Demi, and we all went down to A-kon. Snagged some complimentary badges, saw a few people we knew, and then realized we couldn't get into the Dealer's room because it was closed. We had just missed it by maybe 15 minutes. There was some sort of fire hazard violation (booths too close together or somesuch) so they had to evacuate that room while things were rearranged. We waited a couple hours, and then gave up, since we were planning to come back later.

Which we did. Ninsi and I caught a cab from the hotel over to A-kon. It was a quick enough ride. But as we were going North down one Dallas street, we had a green light and no traffic in front of us, a truck came through the cross street completely ignoring his red light, and the other cars in that street that had stopped. We all did a double take to make sure that our light was green, and it was. About three seconds later, we would have been in the middle of that intersection when he came barreling through, and there's no way he could have stopped. So, we think that we're pretty lucky. And we get on up a few streets, and we are stopped at a stop light, when the car behind us just rolls right into the back of the cab. The Gods had decreed that Ninsi and I were to be involved in an accident one way or another. Fortunately, we were in the much lesser of the possibilities we saw. The rear ending actually did no damage to either vehicle, or us, so we were on our way fairly quickly.

When we got to A-kon, there was some drinking, but not much of course.

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speaking of karma - don't forget the two amazingly good parking spaces in a row, we got.

Oh, yeah. Forgot about those. That is probably why we had to have the accident. Ninsi and I went to eat Friday night, then Saturday night. And both times the single closest (non-handicap) parking spot to the front door of the restaurant was available. Both places were busy, and as Ninsi well knows, I refuse to actually wait for a spot, and will instead just take the first open one, no matter how far away it is. So, for me to get a close spot is exceedingly rare.


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