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Keep your boots on

From The Australian, a reason to keep your socks on. Maybe that is why cowboys never take their boots off.

Maybe tonight I will go through some of the pictures we took while on vacation so they can be made viewable for all. I should have time for it when I get home, but odds are, I will find somethough else non-productive to do.

In the meantime, can someone tell me why you can't get popcorn salt in Flagstaff? We went to see Batman Begins while we were there, and Ninsi took care of the purchasing of popcorn and Icees. But there was no popcorn salt. They had a lot of other popcorn toppings, but no salt. She came back into the theater with the concessions, and several single serve packets of salt, like you get from a drive-thru. Am I missing something in all this?

We also learned that bikers are big fans of natural tourist attractions. Everywhere we went, we passed, or were passed by, a lot of people on motorcycle. Maybe it's just a desert thing, but they seemed to be everywhere that we were.

I need a motorcycle.

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I asked the guy at the cashier about popcorn salt, and he looked a little confused, then said there would be some over by the other coniments - I glanced and saw the self serve butter dispensers, and went over there. No Popcorn Salt - so I asked the guy standing there refilling the napkins - he looked really confused. I said " you know, salt - for your popcorn?" he gestured towards a little stand over to the side. There I found the following flavors of popcorn toppings: ranch, garlic, and chedder. No salt. So I asked again - you know, just regular salt for popcorn - not flavored. That's when he pointed me to the individual popcorn packets. *shrug*

Pshhh, trying to even find salty popcorn is enough of a problem in Hong Kong. They prefer the sweet kind of popcorn over there. Only time I got any "normal" popcorn while watching a movie was when I went to the really nice theatres in the upscale parts of HK (and it was more expensive than the sweet kind).


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