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As you all (should) know, Ninsi and I ordered our wedding rings about a week and a half ago. We were expecting them this week, but had not heard anything yet. So yesterday I called and was told that they did not have the gold to make one right away, so the order had been delayed a few days. They were shipped out today. No big deal, a few days late, but still months before we need them. I received an email from them that was supposed to have a tracking number for me, but the girl had forgot to put the number in, so I called them again today. The rings had been shipped. Today. To the right address. In the wrong city... We live in Grand Prairie, not Corsicana. So, the guy said he would get it rerouted. Thank jebus we are doing this months in advance, or we would be totally screwed.

Of towels: There are two basic types. Big towels suitable for drying ones body, and small towels suitable for doing dishes and wiping down counters. Sometimes, you get a small towel that is a little large, and it is a Big Little Towel. Sometimes, you get a big towel that is smaller than it's brethren, and it is a Little Big Towel. These have no real place in my world. They are too small for the body, to big for the wiping down of things. They are good for putting things on top of, and that's about it. Giving a towel a fancy name like 'bath towel' or 'kitchen towel' doesn't change what size it is. Or what it can and cant do for me.

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That is way too much thinking about towels. I personally have dried off with a t-shirt before, cause there were no clean towels available. I when I say available I mean they were all in the laundry room.


translation for the ladies:

big towel = bath sheet/beach towel
little big towel = standard bath towel
big little towel = hand towel
little towel = wash cloth


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