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Technology is sometimes a bad thing.

The guy that lived in the house before we did had a subscription to 'Black Men' magazine. It is basically Maxim, for the black man. There was a whole stack of them in the garage when we moved in. They were all thrown away. I figured they were being forward, but yesterday, we received a new one in the mail. Maybe it just slipped through, I dunno.

Ninsi and i noticed that the woman on the cover appeared to have large, fake boobs. Pretty much expected. And we thought that her boobs were somehow glued, or taped to the top she was wearing so that you could see a lot of boob, but no nipple. Ninis looked at it closely and said "They airbrushed it out!" Once you see that, the whole thing just looks freakish, because it makes her boobs look like, well, a torpedo. I dont know what it looked like, but it was unnatural, and wrong. So, I open the magazine to the covergirl's pictorial, and they have done that with all her pics. The top she was wearing wouldn't actually cover her boobs, so they painted over the nipple, and made everything look just really really weird. And honestly, even if there had been a nipple, they still wouldn't have looked right, because you look at them in the magazine, and think "Okay, the nipple should be here. No, that makes it a cow udder, how about here? No, that is the wrong side. Here? No. Here? No." And you wind up just sticking it on her forehead, because it doesn't look as bad there as it would anywhere else.

Next time, don't brush out the nipple. Just cover it properly, people.

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as a woman, I feel like I should be able to place a nipple in the right place. But I'm thinking I just don't have anough experience with very large breasts. we should really scan in the pic, and make a game - "pin the nipple on the model"

I concur. Or possibly a new poll. Where does the nipple look best?


Sounds like a great idea to me :)


this post pushed down your freebie post that i completely missed, i was going to ask when you were going to post about it, you should really just post the entire "snippy" email.


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