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Quick rundown

We left Thursday
Ate lunch at Arby's in Wichita Falls. Weird ass Arby's.
Drove on to Albuquerque.
Spent the night.
Casually drove to Flagstaff Friday. Saw Batman.
Went North to the Grand Canyon Saturday. Spent a few hours there. Big hole. Next time, we hike down it.
Hung around downtown Flagstaff Saturday night.
Left early Sunday.
Visited the Meteor Crater (haha Jessie!)
Did a little shopping in Albuquerque. Missed Hagrok again.
Drove to Moriarty.
Stayed the night.
Went through Roswell. Spent to much on Souvenirs on Monday.
Drove on to Carlsbad. Saw the Caverns. They are really cool.
Stayed and watched the half-million (472,000) bats fly out of the cave. Very cool.
Stayed the night.
Drove across boring ass Texas to get home late Tuesday.
Relaxed Wednesday. Back at work today.

May go into details later, and put up a few of the 500+ pictures we took.

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Learned that Ninsi is a better map reader, and Phlome is a better driver.

Moriarty, btw.


Well, since you guys didn't want to go to dinner I got to spend some.. quality.. time with the GF before she went back for the weekend, so it's all good.


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