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Not much today. Mostly waiting til quitting time so the vacation can get started. There will be no more posts between now and next Thursday at best. Unless somewhere between here and the Canyon and back, Ninsi's laptop picks up a rogue wireless signal.

I saw one of those things Sunday on the drive down that just confuses you for a few minutes. We were cruising down 75 on the edges of the metroplex, around McKinney or so. There is a lane coming up on the right for traffic to merge onto 75. There's some moderately high grass in the median separating the highway from the merge lane. It is in the moderately high grass, that I see a boat traversing the median. The brain couldn't exactly follow it for a minute.

"There is a boat moving across the median about to enter the highway.
It cant be a boat, there is no water; it is a real funny car.
But why is it driving across the grass in the median and no on the pavement?"

Then it all came together and I realized that it was a boat. On its trailer. And it had come UNHITCHED from the truck pulling it. Striking out on its own, perhaps. Thinking it no longer needed to be pulled around. Off in search of fame and fortune... Whatever. It was still a boat on wheels moving of its own accord. Fortunately, between the high grass, and the hitch digging into the ground, the boat stopped just shy of entering the highway.

It became immediately non-exciting at that point to everyone except the truck that was now on the median trying to retrieve it, so we cruised on.


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