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Squid Invasion

Saw Hedwig on Friday night. It's not a bad show. Im not as enamored of it as Ninsi, but still think it's alright.

Saturday I drove to OK. Played a fairly decent round of golf with my brother, and then stay at his house a while for dinner while the other brother came over and the three of us just visited for a while. My mother worries about us getting along, but we seem to do just fine.

Sunday I headed up a little further North and picked up the Squid and her sisters. Packed the car so full that I had to take out my golf clubs and leave them in Oklahoma. The journey to Texas was uneventful. Left the sisters in Garland and the Squid and I finally made it home. She seems to like the house, though was dissappointed in the lack of trampoline. She's at work with me now. Making it through the day. And one more of it tomorrow, then it's vacationing time!

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Love up the Squid for me!


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