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July 6, 2005


Back at work.
On the plus side, that means I have internet access.
On the down side, it means Im back at work.

Still waiting on Comcast to give me some satisfaction. I suspect that I will be waiting for that a long long time.

Nothing even in the news today. Biggest thing is London getting the 2012 Olympics. Which means only a 5 hour tape delay instead of 22. That is incredible news, people. simply incredible.

July 7, 2005


New time tracking software was introduced to the company today. It's one of those things meant to help up better manage our time and let Them see what projects are being worked on for how long. I do not think it is going to have much affect on me though.

Still have no cable at the house. But the persistant bitching has netted me a free month of service. Of course, if it takes them a month to fix it, then I will probably have to take the plans for a Potato Launcher that I got from Zero and modify them for something a little larger.

Nothing else going on. Going home tonight to probably clean the house. It needs it. And I need to buy a turkey soon, but I think that will wait til next week.

July 8, 2005


Next week will be the first time in a month that I will work a full week. Vacation, holiday, and a random day off made for a nice month. No holidays in sight until September though, so August may suck, big time. Unless I, ahem, get sick one or two days.

It's been a really long day though. Just slow. Had lunch with Zero, and now just waiting for the day to be done. Ninsi and I had initially planned on simply staying home and doing nothing tonight, but we learned that this weekend would be our last chance to go to the horse races. So, we are going to the races tonight, rather than go tomorrow or Sunday when it will be several thousand degrees outside.

Tomorrow we will celebrate a psuedo three-year anniversary and go watch some Shakespeare in the Park.

July 11, 2005

Called on account of rain

Friday was the races. Ninsi and I had been planning to try to go to the horse races all Summer long. We realized on Friday, that there were only two weekends of races left, and with our being out of town this coming weekend, we had to go immediately, or not at all. So Friday evening, that is what we did. We met some friends there, as well as running into a few people I work with. We profited a whole $0.60. (that does not include what was spent on beer) I got tired of just being on a single horse to show (though the one I picked to win did actually win one race), and started just betting Exactas. Wherein you have to pick the horses that will come in first and second. Most of the time, the exacta pays ~$100 for a $2 bet. I picked one exactly correctly, and it only paid me $18. bastards.

Saturday, swam, ate, etc.

Sunday, we did the Shakespeare in the Park. They were doing Richard III. A long ass play; second only to Hamlet in length. Richard III was such a pleasant gentleman. It started at 8:15, and at 9:45 there was a 15 minute intermission. At 10:00 it started to rain, and they halted the show. At 10:30, they cancelled it completely, even though the rain had stopped.

Now I'll never know what happened to poor Richard.

July 13, 2005

The Swarm

Last night when I got home, the city of Grand Prairie had informed me that some of my grass was too high. I was inclined to agree. Not much, just some of the weeds along the drive that I hadn't edged. They were a little much. So I went ahead and started mowing the front yard.

I was about halfway through when I felt a persistant stinking sensation on my right calf, and when I looked, I saw a wasp. It had stung me, and was flying around, preparing for more. I did not give it a chance, because I immediately went into the slappy-jumping dance, and ran into the house. He only got me one time, so I occupied myself for a while until I could forget about the itching and pain.

Talked to Ninsi briefly, and continued the lawn mowing. I was nearly done at this time, when I felt something crawling on my leg. Thinking it was a bug, I look down, and at first was stunned to see that my shoe, sock, and about two inches of exposed calf were completely covered in fireants. Joy. They were all over my foot. No slappy-jumpy dance would work here. I took a half-instant to consider removing the shoe and sock, but there was no way I wasn't going to get the ants all over my hand then. So I ran to the house, and turned on the water faucet.

My socks and shoes are still outside of the house where I left them. My shoe was still crawling with ants this morning. I think they may have tried to make a home in it. Fortunately, I am not allergic to either wasp or ant.

Total bites: 1 from wasp. 8 from ants. woo.

July 14, 2005

Beer = Brains

Beer makes you smarter.

I'll try to post again later. The day's just begun as it is.

Damn surveys

Was standing in the carryout Pizza Hut last night waiting for the order to be ready. Dude behind the counter is talking to his Friend on my side of the counter:
Dude: "What happened to that Best Buy job?"
Friend: "They didn't hire me. Just like Circuit City, Radio Shack, and the others."
Dude: "Why not?"
Friend: "I dont know. Those surveys they make you fill out."
Dude: "Damn surveys."
Friend: "Yeah."

Now, I had to wonder what these surveys were. What are they asking? Are they asking if you are on drugs, and if you answer 'yes' you are not only dumb, but not being hired? "Are you on drugs right now? Yes/No" "Are you going to steal from us? Yes/No" Any clue what the survey is?

July 15, 2005


Okay, image you're a regular person living in a city. And one day, a giant (say 30 odd foot tall giant) comes to town. This giant could easily kill a few dozen people per minute, if he wanted to, but he's really just a scout for the other giants. Well, this is your city, and you dont want a bunch of giants to come in and rampage about killing everyone and stealing your milk. So, what do you do?

You and about 500 other people run straight at the giant, and climb all over him til he's covered. Then you started flexing your muscles and humming and stuff. So much flexxing and humming and just the mass of people raises the temperature of the mass a few degrees. Not enough to kill, or even hurt a person, but enough to kill the giant.

Wouldn't that be about the feakyiest way to kill a giant? By swarming it, then baking with body heat? Well, that is how Japanese Honeybee kills an Asian Giant Hornet scout. (swarm, and vibrate their flight muscles) Otherwise the scout reports, and a few hornets will kill a 30,000 bee colony in a few hours.

What I want to know is this: How the fuck does that particular defensive mechanism ever develop evolutionarily?

July 18, 2005

More Bees

I mentioned a thing about bees on Friday. Today, randomly, I found this video of hornets attacking a bee colony. 30 hornets vs 30,000 honeybees. There are casualties on both sides, but only one group emerges as the clear victor.

Anyway, the weekend was good. Ninsi and I travelled up to Oklahoma to see her family. On the way, we stayed the night at my mother's. They arrived back in town from their vacation about thirty minutes before we got to the house. That was nice since they had the Squid with them. She rode on up to Tulsa with us, and spent the weekend before heading back to Dewey with her mom.

Back to Dallas in some rain. Hit the grocery store to buy a turkey and a couple other things for this weekend. Still have a couple things to buy, but most of it can wait til Thursday or Friday night.

Working a full five day week still sucks.

July 19, 2005


Had something.
Forgot it.

Last night Ninsi and I went in search of a Bed Bath and Beyond. We found a Verizon store. It had been a dream of ours for some months now to combine our disparate phone services into a single unified plan. That lofty goal has now been accomplished. We both got snazzy new phones in the process. My is somewhat snazzier, but we will probably upgrade the snazziness of Ninsi's in a week or two. Same numbers, new look. Woo.

Nothing else much happening. Working on a new server at work. Going by to see Ruby after work and hang out for a bit. She's rather bored with being homebound (bedridden, even) and all until the baby is born. Probably another week or so. So, that's the evening while Ninsi is at class. Maybe play some cards with a pregnant girl. Maybe Zero will join us. I know you are all jealous.

July 20, 2005


So, I finished the latest Harry Potter book last night. I would say there was hardly anything in it that wasn't unexpected. It was as good as the others, don't misunderstand me. But it was like there was a checklist of things, and you several of them were checked off in this volume. Ninsi's arrived in the mail as well, so she can start reading it whenever she wants. But I think she wont until after this weekend. So no spoilers, still yet.

Scott (James Doohan) is dead. Or, as one at work said, "he got beamed up."
Live long and Prosper.

July 21, 2005

Bo Peep

Jessy, save this link, and you can give Twinkie the answer in a couple years when he asks you why the sky is blue. (instead of purple) If you've had physics (ahem) you know the answer already, at least the blue part. The non-violet part is explained moreso by physiology which I did not know.

I dont need a new girlfriend. But sometimes, I think I need a 'stand-in' for when I make a reference to something, and she just doesn't get it. Yesterday, Ninsi said something, to which I replied "Does it involve me dressing up as Little Bo Peep?" She did not get the reference, and instead probably thought briefly that I was wanting to pursue a career as a cross-dressing shepard. No thanks. It might be just a little before her time, but she has seen the movie, so she has no excuse.

Shouldn't I be entitled to a stand-in g/f that would get the reference and wouldn't embarass herself by saying "Um, no, but maybe I could dress that way."

July 25, 2005

In mah belly

This is a picture of my dinner Saturday evening. You mouth is watering just looking at it, I know...

It was every bit as good to eat as it looks. I cooked a fair chunk of Saturday, and the turkey, corn, green beans, mashed potaoes, and gravy were all my doing. You can also see some krautkaft, some small potatoes, and a mustard sauce that Donut brought.

Everyone else that came brought something as well, dessert/drinks whatnot. And it turned out to be a really good meal. A twenty pound turkey doesn't stand much change against a dozen people. After dinner we did the gift exchanging. I won (I think) and it was a good time.

Ninsi and I are still doing the dishes though.

July 27, 2005


Went to lunch yesterday with a friend from work, which I do about once a week. Taco Bueno. Sat around, ate lunch, went back to the car, and was planning to stop by Barnes & Noble briefly before getting back to the office, but when I turn my key, the car wont start.

Doesn't crank. I figure the battery is going out. I thought I could get a quick jump, take the friend back to work, then go on to get a new battery before I made it back to the office. Well, I got the jump, and got as far as the other side of the parking lot before the car just died. Something is wrong. Maybe the alternator is not giving me any juice? I dunno. A battery I can handle, it's annoying, and inconvenient, but not a huge issue. An alternator is just nothing more than a big pain in the ass.

I call Demi and he comes to the Taco Bueno. We take friend back to work since she's on the clock and go to get a new battery and tools. $80 later, at my car, I start taking out the old one (hoping that it's just the battery) and as soon as I start to unscrew the connector to the positive, it just comes out. The whole connection inside of the battery had corroded. I cleverly deduce that this was the problem, and I was not getting a solid connection anymore. The battery is worthless though, but the connector is still good. The big problem was getting the old battery out. It was held in by a most inconvenient nut. Fortunately, I had the foresight to buy wrenches, and proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes in the 101 degree heat, in the middle of an unshaded parking lot slowly working this nut out. If finally came out, the new battery went in, and I was covered in grease, and sweat, but at least the car worked.

I left work early to go to the Infomart to pick up a server we weren't supposed to be using any more. But I got there, checked things out, and realized we were. So that was a wasted trip. And I get to spend today trying to make it so that we aren't using that box anymore.

Monday, I lost my nice pen that I paid good money for at Barnes & Noble. Im inordinately annoyed by that.

Oh, and when I was putting the new battery in the car yesterday, the Taco Bueno manager comes out and gives me a piece of paper and says "This lady hit your car while you were gone."


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