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Okay, image you're a regular person living in a city. And one day, a giant (say 30 odd foot tall giant) comes to town. This giant could easily kill a few dozen people per minute, if he wanted to, but he's really just a scout for the other giants. Well, this is your city, and you dont want a bunch of giants to come in and rampage about killing everyone and stealing your milk. So, what do you do?

You and about 500 other people run straight at the giant, and climb all over him til he's covered. Then you started flexing your muscles and humming and stuff. So much flexxing and humming and just the mass of people raises the temperature of the mass a few degrees. Not enough to kill, or even hurt a person, but enough to kill the giant.

Wouldn't that be about the feakyiest way to kill a giant? By swarming it, then baking with body heat? Well, that is how Japanese Honeybee kills an Asian Giant Hornet scout. (swarm, and vibrate their flight muscles) Otherwise the scout reports, and a few hornets will kill a 30,000 bee colony in a few hours.

What I want to know is this: How the fuck does that particular defensive mechanism ever develop evolutionarily?

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Thank you Marlyn Perkins...


Instict and mutation. One hive of mutant bees had the instict to to that. That hive survived, all others died to hornet attacks. Now all the bees are the orignal mutants. Or that's what Darwin says anyway, Stephen J Gould would say its more complicated than that.


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