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Had something.
Forgot it.

Last night Ninsi and I went in search of a Bed Bath and Beyond. We found a Verizon store. It had been a dream of ours for some months now to combine our disparate phone services into a single unified plan. That lofty goal has now been accomplished. We both got snazzy new phones in the process. My is somewhat snazzier, but we will probably upgrade the snazziness of Ninsi's in a week or two. Same numbers, new look. Woo.

Nothing else much happening. Working on a new server at work. Going by to see Ruby after work and hang out for a bit. She's rather bored with being homebound (bedridden, even) and all until the baby is born. Probably another week or so. So, that's the evening while Ninsi is at class. Maybe play some cards with a pregnant girl. Maybe Zero will join us. I know you are all jealous.

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