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Bo Peep

Jessy, save this link, and you can give Twinkie the answer in a couple years when he asks you why the sky is blue. (instead of purple) If you've had physics (ahem) you know the answer already, at least the blue part. The non-violet part is explained moreso by physiology which I did not know.

I dont need a new girlfriend. But sometimes, I think I need a 'stand-in' for when I make a reference to something, and she just doesn't get it. Yesterday, Ninsi said something, to which I replied "Does it involve me dressing up as Little Bo Peep?" She did not get the reference, and instead probably thought briefly that I was wanting to pursue a career as a cross-dressing shepard. No thanks. It might be just a little before her time, but she has seen the movie, so she has no excuse.

Shouldn't I be entitled to a stand-in g/f that would get the reference and wouldn't embarass herself by saying "Um, no, but maybe I could dress that way."

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Tragically, I didn't get the reference, either. But I haven't seen the movie, so I get a pass, right?

No, actually. You're culpability is even greater, since you are older than Ninsi, and definately should have seen it.

A quick google search lead me to find out that I was 3 when the movie came out so I am no longer distraught over not catching the reference either.


but it was on TV ALL THE TIME!


yeah, i had to google it, too.

that means i could most certainly not be your stand in girlfriend.


ok - you gotta give me some credit then, at least I've seen the movie (and the sequal Fletch Lives).
Just not enough to remember all the lines.

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