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Called on account of rain

Friday was the races. Ninsi and I had been planning to try to go to the horse races all Summer long. We realized on Friday, that there were only two weekends of races left, and with our being out of town this coming weekend, we had to go immediately, or not at all. So Friday evening, that is what we did. We met some friends there, as well as running into a few people I work with. We profited a whole $0.60. (that does not include what was spent on beer) I got tired of just being on a single horse to show (though the one I picked to win did actually win one race), and started just betting Exactas. Wherein you have to pick the horses that will come in first and second. Most of the time, the exacta pays ~$100 for a $2 bet. I picked one exactly correctly, and it only paid me $18. bastards.

Saturday, swam, ate, etc.

Sunday, we did the Shakespeare in the Park. They were doing Richard III. A long ass play; second only to Hamlet in length. Richard III was such a pleasant gentleman. It started at 8:15, and at 9:45 there was a 15 minute intermission. At 10:00 it started to rain, and they halted the show. At 10:30, they cancelled it completely, even though the rain had stopped.

Now I'll never know what happened to poor Richard.


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