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Damn surveys

Was standing in the carryout Pizza Hut last night waiting for the order to be ready. Dude behind the counter is talking to his Friend on my side of the counter:
Dude: "What happened to that Best Buy job?"
Friend: "They didn't hire me. Just like Circuit City, Radio Shack, and the others."
Dude: "Why not?"
Friend: "I dont know. Those surveys they make you fill out."
Dude: "Damn surveys."
Friend: "Yeah."

Now, I had to wonder what these surveys were. What are they asking? Are they asking if you are on drugs, and if you answer 'yes' you are not only dumb, but not being hired? "Are you on drugs right now? Yes/No" "Are you going to steal from us? Yes/No" Any clue what the survey is?

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yes, that is exactly what the survey's are and why i never could get a job at staples and some other department store type places. They're all about, if you caught a fellow employee stealing would you inform management, confront him, blah blah blah. and would you steal, and do you get angry when a customer trys to argue. They're personality tests i guess and never really have a good answer. THEY SUCK! plain and simple.


They are easy just think of waht you would do then answer the oppisite and you will ace it. :)


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