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Went to lunch yesterday with a friend from work, which I do about once a week. Taco Bueno. Sat around, ate lunch, went back to the car, and was planning to stop by Barnes & Noble briefly before getting back to the office, but when I turn my key, the car wont start.

Doesn't crank. I figure the battery is going out. I thought I could get a quick jump, take the friend back to work, then go on to get a new battery before I made it back to the office. Well, I got the jump, and got as far as the other side of the parking lot before the car just died. Something is wrong. Maybe the alternator is not giving me any juice? I dunno. A battery I can handle, it's annoying, and inconvenient, but not a huge issue. An alternator is just nothing more than a big pain in the ass.

I call Demi and he comes to the Taco Bueno. We take friend back to work since she's on the clock and go to get a new battery and tools. $80 later, at my car, I start taking out the old one (hoping that it's just the battery) and as soon as I start to unscrew the connector to the positive, it just comes out. The whole connection inside of the battery had corroded. I cleverly deduce that this was the problem, and I was not getting a solid connection anymore. The battery is worthless though, but the connector is still good. The big problem was getting the old battery out. It was held in by a most inconvenient nut. Fortunately, I had the foresight to buy wrenches, and proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes in the 101 degree heat, in the middle of an unshaded parking lot slowly working this nut out. If finally came out, the new battery went in, and I was covered in grease, and sweat, but at least the car worked.

I left work early to go to the Infomart to pick up a server we weren't supposed to be using any more. But I got there, checked things out, and realized we were. So that was a wasted trip. And I get to spend today trying to make it so that we aren't using that box anymore.

Monday, I lost my nice pen that I paid good money for at Barnes & Noble. Im inordinately annoyed by that.

Oh, and when I was putting the new battery in the car yesterday, the Taco Bueno manager comes out and gives me a piece of paper and says "This lady hit your car while you were gone."


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Don't forget about leaving your wallet in my car monday morning too...you've had a good run of bad luck...hopefully it will turn around.


Heeey, the same thing happened to a girl I was trying to date; I ended up changing her battery for her. It didn't help on the dating end.. lucky for me, she turned out to be nuts.

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