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More Bees

I mentioned a thing about bees on Friday. Today, randomly, I found this video of hornets attacking a bee colony. 30 hornets vs 30,000 honeybees. There are casualties on both sides, but only one group emerges as the clear victor.

Anyway, the weekend was good. Ninsi and I travelled up to Oklahoma to see her family. On the way, we stayed the night at my mother's. They arrived back in town from their vacation about thirty minutes before we got to the house. That was nice since they had the Squid with them. She rode on up to Tulsa with us, and spent the weekend before heading back to Dewey with her mom.

Back to Dallas in some rain. Hit the grocery store to buy a turkey and a couple other things for this weekend. Still have a couple things to buy, but most of it can wait til Thursday or Friday night.

Working a full five day week still sucks.

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