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The Swarm

Last night when I got home, the city of Grand Prairie had informed me that some of my grass was too high. I was inclined to agree. Not much, just some of the weeds along the drive that I hadn't edged. They were a little much. So I went ahead and started mowing the front yard.

I was about halfway through when I felt a persistant stinking sensation on my right calf, and when I looked, I saw a wasp. It had stung me, and was flying around, preparing for more. I did not give it a chance, because I immediately went into the slappy-jumping dance, and ran into the house. He only got me one time, so I occupied myself for a while until I could forget about the itching and pain.

Talked to Ninsi briefly, and continued the lawn mowing. I was nearly done at this time, when I felt something crawling on my leg. Thinking it was a bug, I look down, and at first was stunned to see that my shoe, sock, and about two inches of exposed calf were completely covered in fireants. Joy. They were all over my foot. No slappy-jumpy dance would work here. I took a half-instant to consider removing the shoe and sock, but there was no way I wasn't going to get the ants all over my hand then. So I ran to the house, and turned on the water faucet.

My socks and shoes are still outside of the house where I left them. My shoe was still crawling with ants this morning. I think they may have tried to make a home in it. Fortunately, I am not allergic to either wasp or ant.

Total bites: 1 from wasp. 8 from ants. woo.

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I had fire ants crawl up the weed eater cord in order to bit me on the hand. They are vicious bastards.

Btw if you get note from the city that your grass is too high, that means one of your neighbors called them. Happened to me once.


I bet it was Tim, or Tom, or Ted, or whatever his name is.


Back in early May, I went hiking and due to an ill-advised stop, got about 11 fire ant bites on my stomach. I still have dark spots from where they bit me.


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