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August 5, 2005

Starting anew

Got a new host, just gotta get it all up and going again.


Im trying to figure out how to import all my blog entries from the old site to this one. It doesn't seem to be working as it should. So if anyone has any ideas on what to do, Im open to suggestions.

I also want my comments to pop-up and not go to a new page.

Eventually, I'll change the layout, so it doesn't look all plain and shit.

In actual news, Ninsi and I put the deposit down for the reception area/backup wedding location. We also managed to not agree on what time to start it, so we have the place reserved for a time that is not actually allowed, but gives us the whole day, for the time being.

import II

Got the import to work, so all my old entries are there. only lost a couple days worth that i manually had edited in. Some of the comments seem to be without an entry but overall, not to bad.

So ready for the day to be done.

August 8, 2005


Went to the mall with Ninsi this weekend. Decided I needed some new pants. Being tax-free weekend, the mall was not nearly so busy as I had expected. Not when we arrived anyway. By the time we left, it had nearly doubled in population.

Anyway, I start looking for pants. I notice fairly quickly, that the size I am looking for in the style Im looking, is simply not available. Dockers apparently no longer makes pants for men who happen to be taller than they are wide. I even tried on a couple pair to see if my waist had expanded enough to accomdate the '34'. Not even close. '33' was to big as well. (though doable with a belt if the elusive '32' was never found) It was the same case at two stores when I finally broke down and asked the salesgirl for assistance. She proceeded to look through everything I just had, proclaimed there were no such pants, and said she'd check the back room. Seemingly hours later, she returned with a singular pair of pants that I can only imagine had been encased in crystal, atop a pillar or pure gold. The right size. We could scarce believe it.

Verily. By the end of the day, I had managed to secure a second(!) pair of pants that fit. I severely tempted Fate with that manuever, I know. But sometimes, you must gamble.

August 9, 2005


I dont know why, but I can not even stay away today. Keep almost dozing off in my cube. I thought I got enough sleep last night, but maybe not. Since the neighbor dogs started barking at an un-godly hour, and that made Luna decide to bark. Loudly. In the house.

I think I may have to start looking for a method to uh, silence, the neighbor's dogs. Ninsi won't let me use a paintball gun or a potato launcher since the dogs are less than five pounds each. She thinks I might hurt one. I think that is the point if it will shut them up. In the meantime, Im looking for alternate methods.

If you are looking to party, it is Fox Hill Day in the Bahamas. I dont know what it is, or what it means, but there you have.

August 10, 2005


Im a Pepper. At least I was. Still am at heart.

About two weeks ago, I decided that I was drinking an excessive amount of Dr Pepper. How much is excessive? Well, Id gotten into the habit of drinking it at lunch, and then again at dinner. And sometimes Id just have one during the day for good measure. That isn't a lot to some, but it is more than I wanted to drink. So I decided to just stop drinking it, for the month of August. If I tried to cut back, it would become to easy to rationalize drinking more than I really wanted to. So, as of August 1st, I haven't drank soda of any kind. I'm not cutting out caffeine, or sugar, or anything goofy like that. Just the soda pop. Haven't had one since, and really, the cravings haven't been bothering me since about day four.

I am drinking significant amounts more water, and saving probably $15 a week. Go me. I'll probably start drinking it again in September, but hopefully to a lesser degree. Then again, maybe I'll just stay soda free.

August 15, 2005


I had a dream Saturday night. One to which I can't even begin to do justice. It started out though with lots of animals, a la Jumanji. Rhinos, and Elephants, and cows, etc. Then it ended with a Dudley Do-right crossed with Little House on the Prairie finale. Complete with a big dish throwing finish from the top of open (but very small) traincars. The Snidley McSneed bad-guy was on the other train, and I was thwarting him or something by tossing dishes.

I think I saved the farm. Or something.

Ninsi and I began seriously working on DragonCon outfits last night. I daresay we will continue to do that until the zero hour.

August 16, 2005

Working it

DragonCon is a mere 16 days away. Last night I began in ernest to work on one of my outfits. Ninsi wears costumes. I wear stuff. It is a derivative of one that I wore last year, but it doesnt have nearly the surface area, nor the weight. It's also at least partially done in blue lame. So it's not gay at all or anything. I'll be spending a couple three hours a night on it until it is done. Which may or may not take days.

Yes, I know the colors are crap, and the layout is lame. Im going to work on it when I get the time. Probably not until next month though. deal.

August 17, 2005

Get in Touch...

Like so many others, I have multiple email accounts. Most, I rarely use. Such as my Gmail account. It's there, and I actually have two accounts, but probably dont check them more than once a month or so. Today, was one of the days I checked it. Turns out, I had four emails from someone I don't know. My first thought was 'spam.' But I read through them and realized, "No, this isn't spam. It's, uh, someone trying to set me up on a date?"

email 1:
Someone sent me an email last Thursday. Told me their name, gave me their cell number, and provided a link to pictures.

email 2:
They are running late, the meeting time is 10:30 now. (on Friday)

email 3:
They have set it up with the "hottie redhead" for Sunday night after work. If that works for me. Cell number given again.

email 4:
Well, there's really no other way to do it, than just post the email...
"do u want to get in on this? i will be having a threesome tonight...do u wanna join in? u gotta read ur emails and reply. lemme know if u wanna meet up tonight at the mall at 10-1030pm. if so, email with the details of the car ur driving so i know who to approach in the area in front of the ruby tuesdays mall entrance. if ur not interested, then just say. i plan to try to get more of my buds to join in on the fun and rent a motel room if necessary.

its been a while since i had more than a threesome. its awesome, u just find the cock u want and start playing. no talking, just sucking or fucking. hopefully we all get a cock in our mouths or ass. great way to fuck and get fucked at the same time while sucking a cock. and i only go for cute guys under 25, so u need fear of an old troll making it in.

lemme know one way or another. "

So, it seems this guy has been trying to set me up for a gay orgy. But at least it includes the hottie redhead! Seriously, not interested. No, not replying back. If someone else is, I can forward you the emails. But it is in Michigan, so it isn't exactly convenient for anyone I know.

I dont know why he was sending to me (mistaken identity?) but it is kinda funny. But very unexpected. And what was in your email box?

August 18, 2005


That's how long to DragonCon. One fortnight. We're flying out, hoping to get checked in and everything on Thursday, much as we did last year, and be ready to enjoy everything starting early Friday. Which should open with me on a golf course. Inebriation will follow shortly.

Ninsi is almost done with her class, just the project and final to go, and outside of that, we are doing little more than getting ready for Atlanta. There are things to do in the meantime, of course. I am going to OK this weekend to visit the Squid, and Ninsi is going up on her own to see her madre. I am having to miss the bachelor's party for our friend who is getting married next week, but I'll still make the wedding.

I really expect to spend a good portion of the next two weeks telling Ninsi that all of her outfits look good. And "no, I really dont know which one you should wear on what night." I expect her to try them all on, at least twice each. And take pictures. Good times...

August 22, 2005

They've landed

I'm working from home again today. Had to take care of some stuff near the house. So, not much to report. Had a good time in OK.

Here, for your amusement, more of Ninsi's cooking:

August 23, 2005


A request has been put forth that I hurry up and blog for the day, so that the bread entry (see below) will get moved on down. I won't say who has made the request. But they are apparently not liking the look of the bread, or perhaps the commentary thus generated. I still think it is pretty funny.

One of these days I will get around to posting a couple other pictures I have of Ninsi's cooking. The meatloaf is fun, the pizza is stunning. Sadly, I dont have a picture of her piece de resistance, the Smurf cake. Also known as the Superman cake, and sometimes the 'Special' cake, because it was pretty retarded looking at the end. You don't know about the Smurf cake? I'd leave it to Ninsi to tell, but really, she'd just try to spin it her way.

Anyway, she made a cake from her favorite mix, Red Velvet. She cooked it in a casserole dish. (she'll claim that was because we had no cake pan, but I had one, she just didnt ask me). It rather fell apart when she was done with it, but not to be dissuaded, Ninsi tried to glue the cake back together with the icing. Not nice white icing, mind you, but icing which she has colored blue.

When she finally presents the cake, it's the large flatish mass of smurf blue. Totally uneven icing. You felt like you were cutting into Papa Smurf when you took a bite. That, and the whole thing just came out of the pan so badly, that it barely had cake shape. Oh, it tasted very good, I've just never had an experience where I felt so sorry for such a retarded looking food dish that I wanted to eat it, just to put it out of it's misery.

August 24, 2005

Got time?

Got some spare time? And legos?
Do like this guy, and make your own Firefly class Serenity (lego) ship...

free day

Ninsi finished her class last night. The Geek Group isn't gaming tonight. Put that together, and we have an evening completely free. Will we do something sexyexcitingromantic? Of course, if you consider cleaning the house to be all that. I think that Friday also may turn out to be mostly free as well. It will be used to work on DragonCon stuff. Still have to get the last bits ready. Ninsi's next class starts back on Tuesday, so we really only have today, the weekend, and Monday to really get everything ready. And this weekend is a little busy by itself. I'm sure everything will come together in the end. The biggest question currently is when and where exactly are we going to play golf once we get there?

August 25, 2005


I believe this happened with the Florida Marlins, a professional baseball team. One of the players made a bet with a bat-boy. The player offered the kid $500 if the bat-boy could drink an entire gallon of milk in a one hour time period without throwing up. It's pretty much physically impossible to do. There might be some people here and there that could manage it, but by and large, if you try to drink that much milk in that time frame, it will curdle in your belly, and you will heave it back up. Period. But it is still something that people try to do. So, anyway, the kid, who probably doesn't actually get paid to be a bat-boy, tries to do it. He throws up. Loses the bet. No big deal.

What does the management of the Florida Marlins do about it?

They suspend the bat-boy for 6 games. Not the adult ballplayer who put him up to it.

Take steroids and get 10 days suspension, drink too much milk and get 6 days. That's fair?

August 26, 2005

Pity the fool sinner!

So last night, I just am thumbing through the channels. We dont have many, since we only have basic cable, but of the 30-40 odd channels we have scattered up the dial, there is a supreme over-abundance of Spanish language channels, and religous channels, and a couple spanish language religion ones. So last night, Im flipping through, and the best thing on is "Married, with Children." Ive gone through the entire set of channels twice, and this is it. But it isn't real exciting, so I keep on going, and four channels later, I come across what is truly, the best thing on...

It's Mr T! And he is standing in front of a podium with his mohawk, and he is preaching up a storm! I've landed on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. And Mr T is standing there in front of a pink column, some random couches, and a motorcyle. He is wearing a black t-shirt that says 'Jesus U' in large letters. And on close up, you can read "died for" between the 'Jesus' and the 'u'. He is also wearing jogging pants. Black. And on his feet were combat boots. He actually worked that into his sermon, that usually he comes here wearing sandals, but today he was wearing his combat boots. To stomp on the sin or something. I was too shocked and amused to really comprehend the words.

Mr T + Trinity Broadcasting Network + Vodka = high comedy.

August 29, 2005


I just copied over the template and stylesheets from the old site to here. Lots of busted links and crap, but at least it's not the ghey start up color and feel any more. It'll take me some time to clean everything up again, but it's not to bad now.

Oh, in other news, last week, I deleted a bunch of people from my MSN messenger list. People that I haven't talked to in at least two years. I figured it was time. Among them was a crazy old girlfriend that has since moved to New York. Thursday, I removed her from my MSN list because I haven't heard anything at all from her in years. Thursday night, I get an email from her with her new email address, asking me to add it to my messenger. I know you dont get notified if someone deletes from you their list, so this was just a huge farking coincidence. Eerie, no?

August 31, 2005


Probably will be no blog tomorrow. Be working from home doing last minute preparations for DragonCon. This is most likely the last blog until Tuesday, at least. Ninsi may managed to photoblog some, so you can look forward to that. Of course, we are taking a laptop, as is Demi, and Zero, so there actually may be a lot of blogging activity for the weekend. I may turn out to be a liar.

I meant to buy gas yesterday at lunch, but Zero called me, and he and I went to lunch together, so the whole gas thing slipped my mind. By the time I left, it had jumped from $2.55 to $2.79 in some places. A few were selling it at $2.69. I was pretty annoyed at myself for not having got it earlier. When I went to get myself some dinner, (since Ninsi was in class) I took the back route home, and found a station selling it at $2.59. HappyJoy. There were also three Budweiser trucks in the parking lot. Station was stocking up for Labor Day. I told Ninsi to go by there if she needed gas, but when she got out of class, the station was closed, and was showing $2.79 anyway.
Reckon I just got lucky.

Few people are blogging anymore in our group. And fewer commenting. Are you all dead?

The ring is down, and I probably won't put it back up anytime soon. I just use an RSS reader now to know when someone has updated. It's easier.

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