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I believe this happened with the Florida Marlins, a professional baseball team. One of the players made a bet with a bat-boy. The player offered the kid $500 if the bat-boy could drink an entire gallon of milk in a one hour time period without throwing up. It's pretty much physically impossible to do. There might be some people here and there that could manage it, but by and large, if you try to drink that much milk in that time frame, it will curdle in your belly, and you will heave it back up. Period. But it is still something that people try to do. So, anyway, the kid, who probably doesn't actually get paid to be a bat-boy, tries to do it. He throws up. Loses the bet. No big deal.

What does the management of the Florida Marlins do about it?

They suspend the bat-boy for 6 games. Not the adult ballplayer who put him up to it.

Take steroids and get 10 days suspension, drink too much milk and get 6 days. That's fair?

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