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A request has been put forth that I hurry up and blog for the day, so that the bread entry (see below) will get moved on down. I won't say who has made the request. But they are apparently not liking the look of the bread, or perhaps the commentary thus generated. I still think it is pretty funny.

One of these days I will get around to posting a couple other pictures I have of Ninsi's cooking. The meatloaf is fun, the pizza is stunning. Sadly, I dont have a picture of her piece de resistance, the Smurf cake. Also known as the Superman cake, and sometimes the 'Special' cake, because it was pretty retarded looking at the end. You don't know about the Smurf cake? I'd leave it to Ninsi to tell, but really, she'd just try to spin it her way.

Anyway, she made a cake from her favorite mix, Red Velvet. She cooked it in a casserole dish. (she'll claim that was because we had no cake pan, but I had one, she just didnt ask me). It rather fell apart when she was done with it, but not to be dissuaded, Ninsi tried to glue the cake back together with the icing. Not nice white icing, mind you, but icing which she has colored blue.

When she finally presents the cake, it's the large flatish mass of smurf blue. Totally uneven icing. You felt like you were cutting into Papa Smurf when you took a bite. That, and the whole thing just came out of the pan so badly, that it barely had cake shape. Oh, it tasted very good, I've just never had an experience where I felt so sorry for such a retarded looking food dish that I wanted to eat it, just to put it out of it's misery.

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Don't make me bring up the cupcakes.

You have made my day happier from the laughter this blog has presents.


I can't remember if I actually participated in Smurf Cake activities or just saw the pictures. Either way, there was something that was kind of deconstructionist that she'd made.

Maybe you should just have a Ninsianna's Cooking photoblog.

I have long planned to post pictures of her cooking. But most things turn out looking quite nice, so I dont have enough yet to make a page worthwhile.

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