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I just copied over the template and stylesheets from the old site to here. Lots of busted links and crap, but at least it's not the ghey start up color and feel any more. It'll take me some time to clean everything up again, but it's not to bad now.

Oh, in other news, last week, I deleted a bunch of people from my MSN messenger list. People that I haven't talked to in at least two years. I figured it was time. Among them was a crazy old girlfriend that has since moved to New York. Thursday, I removed her from my MSN list because I haven't heard anything at all from her in years. Thursday night, I get an email from her with her new email address, asking me to add it to my messenger. I know you dont get notified if someone deletes from you their list, so this was just a huge farking coincidence. Eerie, no?

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