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That's how long to DragonCon. One fortnight. We're flying out, hoping to get checked in and everything on Thursday, much as we did last year, and be ready to enjoy everything starting early Friday. Which should open with me on a golf course. Inebriation will follow shortly.

Ninsi is almost done with her class, just the project and final to go, and outside of that, we are doing little more than getting ready for Atlanta. There are things to do in the meantime, of course. I am going to OK this weekend to visit the Squid, and Ninsi is going up on her own to see her madre. I am having to miss the bachelor's party for our friend who is getting married next week, but I'll still make the wedding.

I really expect to spend a good portion of the next two weeks telling Ninsi that all of her outfits look good. And "no, I really dont know which one you should wear on what night." I expect her to try them all on, at least twice each. And take pictures. Good times...

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the sooner you give me adequate feedback the sooner I'll stop asking for it.

You got me all messed up man. is Dragoncon next weekend 26-28 or the weekend after 2-4... i'm confused.. not sure what a fortnight is either


A fortnight is 2 weeks. Dragon*Con is always the weekend before Labor Day. And Labor Day is always the first Monday in September.

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