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free day

Ninsi finished her class last night. The Geek Group isn't gaming tonight. Put that together, and we have an evening completely free. Will we do something sexyexcitingromantic? Of course, if you consider cleaning the house to be all that. I think that Friday also may turn out to be mostly free as well. It will be used to work on DragonCon stuff. Still have to get the last bits ready. Ninsi's next class starts back on Tuesday, so we really only have today, the weekend, and Monday to really get everything ready. And this weekend is a little busy by itself. I'm sure everything will come together in the end. The biggest question currently is when and where exactly are we going to play golf once we get there?

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Well, you know that y'all are invited over to our house on Friday if you somehow manage to get D*Con stuff squared away to your satisfaction.

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