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Like so many others, I have multiple email accounts. Most, I rarely use. Such as my Gmail account. It's there, and I actually have two accounts, but probably dont check them more than once a month or so. Today, was one of the days I checked it. Turns out, I had four emails from someone I don't know. My first thought was 'spam.' But I read through them and realized, "No, this isn't spam. It's, uh, someone trying to set me up on a date?"

email 1:
Someone sent me an email last Thursday. Told me their name, gave me their cell number, and provided a link to pictures.

email 2:
They are running late, the meeting time is 10:30 now. (on Friday)

email 3:
They have set it up with the "hottie redhead" for Sunday night after work. If that works for me. Cell number given again.

email 4:
Well, there's really no other way to do it, than just post the email...
"do u want to get in on this? i will be having a threesome tonight...do u wanna join in? u gotta read ur emails and reply. lemme know if u wanna meet up tonight at the mall at 10-1030pm. if so, email with the details of the car ur driving so i know who to approach in the area in front of the ruby tuesdays mall entrance. if ur not interested, then just say. i plan to try to get more of my buds to join in on the fun and rent a motel room if necessary.

its been a while since i had more than a threesome. its awesome, u just find the cock u want and start playing. no talking, just sucking or fucking. hopefully we all get a cock in our mouths or ass. great way to fuck and get fucked at the same time while sucking a cock. and i only go for cute guys under 25, so u need fear of an old troll making it in.

lemme know one way or another. "

So, it seems this guy has been trying to set me up for a gay orgy. But at least it includes the hottie redhead! Seriously, not interested. No, not replying back. If someone else is, I can forward you the emails. But it is in Michigan, so it isn't exactly convenient for anyone I know.

I dont know why he was sending to me (mistaken identity?) but it is kinda funny. But very unexpected. And what was in your email box?

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Sure it was gay? The emailer might think you were phemale.


oh no - I read all the emails - he was a guy, looking for a massive guy orgie.

Maybe it was one of those steal your kidney's scenario's, or perhaps it was just some kinda Amway thing.



maybe he just saw your pics and thought you were a hottie. lol.

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