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I had a dream Saturday night. One to which I can't even begin to do justice. It started out though with lots of animals, a la Jumanji. Rhinos, and Elephants, and cows, etc. Then it ended with a Dudley Do-right crossed with Little House on the Prairie finale. Complete with a big dish throwing finish from the top of open (but very small) traincars. The Snidley McSneed bad-guy was on the other train, and I was thwarting him or something by tossing dishes.

I think I saved the farm. Or something.

Ninsi and I began seriously working on DragonCon outfits last night. I daresay we will continue to do that until the zero hour.

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Awww - you left out the best part about me in my prairie garb giving you a cottage dish as a token of my devotion and undying love.


may be time to give up on deadlands for a bit...

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