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Went to the mall with Ninsi this weekend. Decided I needed some new pants. Being tax-free weekend, the mall was not nearly so busy as I had expected. Not when we arrived anyway. By the time we left, it had nearly doubled in population.

Anyway, I start looking for pants. I notice fairly quickly, that the size I am looking for in the style Im looking, is simply not available. Dockers apparently no longer makes pants for men who happen to be taller than they are wide. I even tried on a couple pair to see if my waist had expanded enough to accomdate the '34'. Not even close. '33' was to big as well. (though doable with a belt if the elusive '32' was never found) It was the same case at two stores when I finally broke down and asked the salesgirl for assistance. She proceeded to look through everything I just had, proclaimed there were no such pants, and said she'd check the back room. Seemingly hours later, she returned with a singular pair of pants that I can only imagine had been encased in crystal, atop a pillar or pure gold. The right size. We could scarce believe it.

Verily. By the end of the day, I had managed to secure a second(!) pair of pants that fit. I severely tempted Fate with that manuever, I know. But sometimes, you must gamble.

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I have the same problem. They do not makemake 36 length with 34 waist. BITCHES


Don't forget the elusive short sleeved button up shirt that actually met your qualifications for wearablity and blueness and my request for not overly big.
The only one left in the store.

I also have similar problems, the shortest lenth in the pants that I have to get are 30.. those are about 2 inches longer than i need so I wind up cuffing pretty much all the time.

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