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Pity the fool sinner!

So last night, I just am thumbing through the channels. We dont have many, since we only have basic cable, but of the 30-40 odd channels we have scattered up the dial, there is a supreme over-abundance of Spanish language channels, and religous channels, and a couple spanish language religion ones. So last night, Im flipping through, and the best thing on is "Married, with Children." Ive gone through the entire set of channels twice, and this is it. But it isn't real exciting, so I keep on going, and four channels later, I come across what is truly, the best thing on...

It's Mr T! And he is standing in front of a podium with his mohawk, and he is preaching up a storm! I've landed on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. And Mr T is standing there in front of a pink column, some random couches, and a motorcyle. He is wearing a black t-shirt that says 'Jesus U' in large letters. And on close up, you can read "died for" between the 'Jesus' and the 'u'. He is also wearing jogging pants. Black. And on his feet were combat boots. He actually worked that into his sermon, that usually he comes here wearing sandals, but today he was wearing his combat boots. To stomp on the sin or something. I was too shocked and amused to really comprehend the words.

Mr T + Trinity Broadcasting Network + Vodka = high comedy.

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Mr. T was actually saying that he was going to step on some toes, which was the case becuase he was talking about all the things the church did wrong. He talked about letting kids down and failing them before things like prison. He also talked about how most churches wouldn't even let a homeless person in which is shameful. Mr. T did of course use a different tone then noraml preachers, but he had some very good points and if the church actually did what he said it might be useful in this country.

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