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ST 2 was worth it just casue we saw the trailer for "Returner" which looks damn cool. It now in the #1 spot on NF and should be shipped as soon as they get ST 2 back, which I shipped out this morining, post haste.

The Returner gets moved to the top but Velvet Goldmine still lurks at the bottom of the list! *gasp* No justice. Guess I'll have to convince bunny to bring it over when Netflix brings it to her...


You can move it to the top (okay NEAR the top) yourself ya know. I've SEEN velvet goldmine and I'm telling ya ...not that good.

but it's EDDIE! didn't want to mess with your netflix - no need to start a netflix queue war - you'd just change the password, then where would i be?

You'd be startin yer own netflix queue is where you'd be. Full o nuthin but Eddie. And other transvestites.

hmmm...that actually sounds like a good idea.
Wonder what kind of recommendations I would get. does netflix rent porn? wonder if i'd get transvestite porn recomendations...

I just reordered the top three for Pitch Black, Cleopatra Jones, and Velvet Goldmine. We can watch when you're back from Oklahoma. OK?

sounds great!

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