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I notice a disturbing trend, note the order of the blogring, and the disappearnces of 2 in one day:
channel 0 - gone
fj - gone

Is the position immediatly after my site cursed? If so bunny's next...


Yes funny isn't it? My bad for not clearing the cache of a subpar net surfing program that I used like twice on a computer I haven't touched in a long time. I think I'll most likely be back up by the time I pass out tonite. And that's if I'm super lazy about it. Archives and most links will be unavailable for awhile. Not that anyone ever looks at archives but creepy stalker types.


I know someone from Chicken's place of work has found my blog, but have been too scardeycat to tell her. Where I work - heck, I'm giving people the URL. They're easy and breezy to say the least.

scary shit that someone can just like, find stuff you've written, or that other folks have written, and get you in trouble for it.

sounds so damn orwellian i'm going to write my congressman.

i joked once about dooce getting in the shits over a blog. it seems to me that creative outlets such as blogs, if they're kept anonymous, and don't mention any names, ought to be protected by 1st amendment rights.

dooce should be able to sue for all that backpay, and neko shouldn't have to worry about getting jess in trouble. nor should jess have to worry either.

sucks. is there any such thing as a bloggers advocacy group? is TIMMY! really a lawyer, or does he just play one on TV?


i think dooce used real names including the name of her company - that's what got her in trouble. I'm 99.9% sure that folks at my ex place of work found my site - via the IT dept. It's not the average co-worker/boss you need to worry about generally, if they find it, it's cuz they stumble upon it. It's the guys in IT, they have access to EVERYTHING. It's best to befriend them if you can. And sleep with them on occasion - that'll keep 'em good'n happy for ages.


Oh, someone found my blog by googling my name, finding an old entry on Notival, finding the link to me, then made a stupid anonymous comment. I banned their IP address. I keep meaning to ask if you would kindly edit out my full name from your blog.

1. who uses anyone's full name in a blog entry or comment other than you bunny? you're very prone to doing so when pissed. or drunk. or is that the same thing? [hint: if you live in australia, it is.]

2. ninsi. ninsi, ninsi, ninsi. you live with, play with, and will someday marry an IT guy. so it's pretty easy for you to say 'sleep with an IT guy' by way of advice on keeping your blog sacrosanct.

the rest of us work in offices with REAL IT guys.

they eat chicken with their hands, have gas most of the time, NEVER wash their hands after using the toilet, half of them chew tobacco or dip snuff and spit all the time into an empty mountain dew can, and don't even get me started on the superior computer-guy attitude that comes from the fact that they have administrative rights on EVERYONE's PC.

so. how do you sleep with that? unless you're really, really, chicken. i mean drunk.


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