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I dont know why, but I can not even stay away today. Keep almost dozing off in my cube. I thought I got enough sleep last night, but maybe not. Since the neighbor dogs started barking at an un-godly hour, and that made Luna decide to bark. Loudly. In the house.

I think I may have to start looking for a method to uh, silence, the neighbor's dogs. Ninsi won't let me use a paintball gun or a potato launcher since the dogs are less than five pounds each. She thinks I might hurt one. I think that is the point if it will shut them up. In the meantime, Im looking for alternate methods.

If you are looking to party, it is Fox Hill Day in the Bahamas. I dont know what it is, or what it means, but there you have.

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Does MT now let you keep a blogroll internally, like without using Blogrolling?

Wow, fucked this one up huh?


A BB Gun at low power, maybe one pump, would work fine. Just try not to hit 'em in the eye.

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