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Probably will be no blog tomorrow. Be working from home doing last minute preparations for DragonCon. This is most likely the last blog until Tuesday, at least. Ninsi may managed to photoblog some, so you can look forward to that. Of course, we are taking a laptop, as is Demi, and Zero, so there actually may be a lot of blogging activity for the weekend. I may turn out to be a liar.

I meant to buy gas yesterday at lunch, but Zero called me, and he and I went to lunch together, so the whole gas thing slipped my mind. By the time I left, it had jumped from $2.55 to $2.79 in some places. A few were selling it at $2.69. I was pretty annoyed at myself for not having got it earlier. When I went to get myself some dinner, (since Ninsi was in class) I took the back route home, and found a station selling it at $2.59. HappyJoy. There were also three Budweiser trucks in the parking lot. Station was stocking up for Labor Day. I told Ninsi to go by there if she needed gas, but when she got out of class, the station was closed, and was showing $2.79 anyway.
Reckon I just got lucky.

Few people are blogging anymore in our group. And fewer commenting. Are you all dead?

The ring is down, and I probably won't put it back up anytime soon. I just use an RSS reader now to know when someone has updated. It's easier.

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I can't even look at a computer most days. It's like living some kind of half life.


I'm still around, just haven't felt much like commenting lately.

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