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September 6, 2005


We're back from Atlanta. Ninsi and I made it back yesterday afternoon, and managed to get most of the stuff out of suitcases. Now we just have to clean it, and put some away for the next year or so. We took a couple hundred pictures ourselves, and I'm sure a couple of the other guys we were with did as well. I'll try to put up a couple pages worth later this week.

Now that DCon is over, I can start on other projects. Like the backyard. And a complete overhaul of this site design. Soon. I mean it. Really.

DCon 2005 pictures

I think the links work. It's too late at night for me to care if they dont. I'll fix it tomorrow if need be.

Dcon 2005 pictures.

September 8, 2005

Much to do

DragonCon is still over. For not quite a year. Of course, it always ends and you are left giddy and ready for the next year. Lots of blossoming costume ideas and whatnot.

Im stomping those down currently. To many things to do at the house that do not involve sewing, or learning a new craft. I would really like to get all the needles and pins at least put away for a week before hauling it back out. Lots to do in the backyard, including what will soon be known as "The Great Wasp Massacre of 2005." That may happen this weekend. Hopefully, it will be a wasp massacre, and not a "Failed Wasp Massacre that turned into the Great Wasp Stinging Phlome Dozens of times as he Ran Screaming Around the Yard and Out the Gate, followed by The Great Swelling from the Stinging."

I also want to redo this site. I have said that a few times, and I will keep saying it til it is done. Also, I will keep putting the link to the DragonCon 2005 photos in the text, until I have found a new place for such links. That, plus some of the photos will change as I get new and better ones from Zero, Demi, and Donut.

September 9, 2005


Not much today. Ready for the weekend. As Ninsi mentioned, odds are strong that we will get a new dog before the weekend is out. We'll just have to find one we both like. And that Luna seems to like.

We let the rabbit go last night. I'm fairly sure there is nothing a vet could have done for it, and taking it to a rabbit rescue, it would never have been free again. It has a chance this way.

Finally, someone at the con drew a quick sketch of Ninsi. Took him about two minutes. Here it is.

Oh, did I mention that I was picked out of the crowds again for the TV interview? Two years in a row. Much to Ninsi's continued dismay.

September 12, 2005

Sometimes, they go 'crunch'

As everyone probably knows by now, we have a new puppy. As yet unnamed for a few more hours at least. Though Chaos does seem to have a good following. Acquistion of the puppy was really the biggest part of our weekend. It took up most of Saturday. Nothing much else happened.

Except the squirrel killing.

Ninsi, Luna, and I had just left the house, and I am pleasantly driving along the street when a squirrel decides this is the time to cross. We've all been there. The squirrel moves out, you slow down to try to avoid it. The squirrel stop, and darts, and nothing you can do will avoid that squirrel. Do they have a deathwish? I dont know. But sometimes, you just meet a squirrel that you absolutely cannot avoid. So it made a nice crunchy sound as I hit it. The sad part?

It was carrying another squirrel.

Ninsi can validate this. When the squirrel came out on the road, it looked like it had another squirrel in its mouth. Not big enough to be an adult, but something with a bushy tail. So, all I can conclude is that a momma squirrel was moving her babies across the street, and she just happened to go kamakazi when we passed.

One hit, two kills. Go me.

Oh, and I cleaned out the hot tub, so we can start using that again.

September 13, 2005

"The email must flow"

With apologies to Frank Herbert. When the email doesn't flow, it can be a real pain in the ass at work. It wasn't flowing properly most of today. We could send, just not receive. So it wasn't a total meltdown. And it is working now, and at the end of the IT day, that is what really matters.

Ninsi couldn't quite bring herself to say "Trogdor" out loud when making a vet appointment for the puppy. So she went with Barley. That doesn't make it definitive, but those are the two options we are left with.

Barley v Trogdor.

Barley is okay. Trogdor is just funny. "burninating the peasants!"
I reckon we could compromise: Bargdor, or Trogley. Eh.

September 14, 2005

Live feed

Those crazy Germans. Always coming up with something groovey. This guy uses waste products to power his car. He claims he has never used dead cats as fuel. No where does he state he hasn't used live ones though. I think this is an idea we can all get behind.

Other news? Not much. We still have a nameless puppy. Though Barley will probably win, Trogdor is not yet dead. I found a couple things last night that weren't really lost, but the known whereabouts of which make for a more comfortable sleep. I reckon they may become not quite lost again, but hopefully not. I've put them in another safe place that I may not remember when I need too. Learning from my mistakes is just too much trouble sometimes...

September 16, 2005

chain reaction

An an open air market in Mexico, there was an explosion of fireworks. More like a chain reaction. A customer bought some fireworks, lit one, and threw it. Setting of a chain reaction. The resulting explosions took out 300 vending stalls. And 23 vehicles. The full article here.

It had to be like something out of a movie with the chain reaction of fireworks going down the line. People diving out of the way. Stalls blowing up. This happened in Mexico. And from the article, it seems that they do their fireworks with a lot more gusto than perhaps we do. The second to last line of the article tells of a fireworks explosion six years ago that killed 63 people and leveled part of downtown Celaya.

That's some serious fireworks, people.

In New Jersey, they have a bioterror research facility. In this building they have some rats that have been infected with the bubonic plague. Scourge of Europe. Black Plague.
Yeah, three of them have gone missing. Go mice go.

September 19, 2005

Critical Mass

If I wasn't a diety in my own mind, I think I would probably convert to being a Pastafarian. At least for a little while. The Flying Spaghetti Monster theory has some very good arguments.

I made some good headway this weekend on projects around the house that were starting to reach a critical mass. Namely including the balcony, and the office. Both are now better than they were. I think I also have killed off 6 nests of wasps in the last week. They are a plague, of biblical proportions, in the backyard.

I managed to watch a little bit of football. I think the three games I managed to tune into, I watched enough of to almost make one full game. It was a disjointed, yet productive weekend overall. Even managed to make it out Saturday night, but the club was somewhat lame. So we made it an early evening.

This weekend, going out of town. To Oklahoma, to watch the Squid be a cheerleader. I told her I would make it up for a least one game, so I have to get up there before the season is over. And we'll be taking two dogs.

September 20, 2005


Do I really need a Windows '95 disc? That can be booted from a Dos prompt because it was made before CD-Roms were bootable?

No. I didnt think so either. So I tossed it in the trash. Along with some Windows 98, and 2k. And some Linux distributions, and a crapload of old burned games. In short, I threw out a lot of old stuff that I really really will never need or use, and which was just taking up valuable real estate on the desk.

A little more to go still. Someday, with Luna and Barley as my witnesses, I will have the office clean. Not so much clean, but in a state that I call 'done.' This I swear.

September 21, 2005

Something to do when your rich

Be an NFL cheerleader.

I dont remember her name, as it was mentioned only once rather quickly on the radio, but on of the Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders is supposedly one of the richest women in the area. A 38 year old mother of three. I reckon she woke up one day and said "I think I want to be a cheerleader." Actually, she seems to have a list of things to do before she's dead that she made in high school. And is just now working through it.

Being a cheerleader - not on my list.

September 22, 2005

Boxing day

Not the British holiday. But the movie, Beautiful Boxer. Whatever you are thinking that it could be about, you are wrong. Except maybe the boxing bit. It's a true story of Thai transvestite kickboxer Nong Toom. I think it is a movie Neko might like. Possibly Ninsi. I think I'll stay away.

Other news: The they are debating a new bill that would require evacuee and rescue operations to include plans for people to bring their pets with them. Overall, Id say that's a bad idea. Im all in favor of saving the animals. And if Ninsi and I had to evacuate, you can be damned sure that the dogs would be going with us. But that is evacuation. If Im sitting on top of my house because it is flooded, and the National Guard tells me I can't get on the chopper to be rescued because my neighbor brought his dogs, then I think the National Guard guy might wind up on my roof instead. But only long enough for me to climb the robe ladder and punt the neighbor's dogs off the chopper. Actually, being as they are small, and piss in my yard, I'd be sure to toss them upwards.

I would also think it was my own damn fault that I was stuck on my roof in a flood to begin with. Ninsi would have long since left, I'm sure. And if it is your own damn fault, how much consideration and help can you reasonably expect?

September 26, 2005

Planet of the Porpoise

We trained them. We gave them a weapon. Then they got away. It could be sci-fi, but it could also be the Navies trained dolphins. One of those things the movies have always warned us about. Here is the full article on some trained dolphins, armed with toxic darts, that were let loose by Katrina.

Of course, I think the Observer may be the same paper that ran the 'Midget wrestling team all killed by a lion in a cage' story, so make of it what you will.

More later, probably.

September 28, 2005

Nothing if not busy

Very little time this week to get anything done it feels like. Trying to get a few things wrapped up at work before the week ends since I will be out of the office all next week in a class, and will not be able to do anything work related in that time.

At home, I finally finished the office, more or less. Everything was pretty much in its place, and then I went and dragged a lot of stuff out of the closet. I decided that my hard drive on my PC was starting to fail, so I had to get some stuff to take care of that issue. That was all I would up doing last night, trying to fix it. I think I was right in that it was failing, because it wouldn't even defrag due to a bad sector. A directory contain pictures from Zero's birthday party last year was completely unavailible. I am pretty sure I have them burned to a CD somewhere, so no big loss. Still concerned about the drive. Finally managed to get it to defrag. Took all night. And this morning started ghosting it to a new drive that I can hopefully just pop in as the new HD this evening. It should have finished ghosting around noon. We'll see.

September 29, 2005

Into the *insert color*

This weekend Serenity goes to mass release. We'll probably see it one day of the weekend. The other day, Ninsi will be doing homework.

Last night, she and I went up to see 'Into the Blue.' Ninsi won free tickets to it last week during a radio promo. There are some very nice underwater shots, and some very nice shots of Jessica Alba's abs. The girl can undulate underwater, I'll give her that. After about half an hour of it though, I was done. Not enough plausible plot. About half an hour after that, Ninsi was done. So we left an hour into the free movie. Didnt get to see the end, but I am pretty sure I can guess it. Something to do with drugrunners. And there may even have been a moral in it. feh.

Still working too much this week. Next week should be betta.

September 30, 2005

Smoked Cheese Murphy

Maybe no blogging for a week. In class next week.

Today, after eating lunch, I ran by a comic store with a friend. When I got out of the car, I looked into the car next to me, and saw this:

The floorboard and passenger seat of this car is completely filled with used cups and bags. Mostly from Chic-fil-a. It was so captivating, I had to take a picture of it. Kinda disgusting, really.

Really though, I was at a comic store. Was I expecting something more? I guess not.

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