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Boxing day

Not the British holiday. But the movie, Beautiful Boxer. Whatever you are thinking that it could be about, you are wrong. Except maybe the boxing bit. It's a true story of Thai transvestite kickboxer Nong Toom. I think it is a movie Neko might like. Possibly Ninsi. I think I'll stay away.

Other news: The they are debating a new bill that would require evacuee and rescue operations to include plans for people to bring their pets with them. Overall, Id say that's a bad idea. Im all in favor of saving the animals. And if Ninsi and I had to evacuate, you can be damned sure that the dogs would be going with us. But that is evacuation. If Im sitting on top of my house because it is flooded, and the National Guard tells me I can't get on the chopper to be rescued because my neighbor brought his dogs, then I think the National Guard guy might wind up on my roof instead. But only long enough for me to climb the robe ladder and punt the neighbor's dogs off the chopper. Actually, being as they are small, and piss in my yard, I'd be sure to toss them upwards.

I would also think it was my own damn fault that I was stuck on my roof in a flood to begin with. Ninsi would have long since left, I'm sure. And if it is your own damn fault, how much consideration and help can you reasonably expect?

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I think maybe you should practice punting those dogs across the street. You know, for the practice and stuff. I swear if they have added yet another small rat/dog to their pack, they've got it coming.
In some ways I fear that Barley will someday hurt the little doggies across the street, because of the liability and all, but at the same time, if it's at night, and no one can see...well, it's the whole tree falling in the woods think all over again.


BB Guns make great dog deterants.

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