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chain reaction

An an open air market in Mexico, there was an explosion of fireworks. More like a chain reaction. A customer bought some fireworks, lit one, and threw it. Setting of a chain reaction. The resulting explosions took out 300 vending stalls. And 23 vehicles. The full article here.

It had to be like something out of a movie with the chain reaction of fireworks going down the line. People diving out of the way. Stalls blowing up. This happened in Mexico. And from the article, it seems that they do their fireworks with a lot more gusto than perhaps we do. The second to last line of the article tells of a fireworks explosion six years ago that killed 63 people and leveled part of downtown Celaya.

That's some serious fireworks, people.

In New Jersey, they have a bioterror research facility. In this building they have some rats that have been infected with the bubonic plague. Scourge of Europe. Black Plague.
Yeah, three of them have gone missing. Go mice go.

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The government probably had them release them on purpose. It's called "Population Control". We're all fucked one way or the other.

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