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Critical Mass

If I wasn't a diety in my own mind, I think I would probably convert to being a Pastafarian. At least for a little while. The Flying Spaghetti Monster theory has some very good arguments.

I made some good headway this weekend on projects around the house that were starting to reach a critical mass. Namely including the balcony, and the office. Both are now better than they were. I think I also have killed off 6 nests of wasps in the last week. They are a plague, of biblical proportions, in the backyard.

I managed to watch a little bit of football. I think the three games I managed to tune into, I watched enough of to almost make one full game. It was a disjointed, yet productive weekend overall. Even managed to make it out Saturday night, but the club was somewhat lame. So we made it an early evening.

This weekend, going out of town. To Oklahoma, to watch the Squid be a cheerleader. I told her I would make it up for a least one game, so I have to get up there before the season is over. And we'll be taking two dogs.

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