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Into the *insert color*

This weekend Serenity goes to mass release. We'll probably see it one day of the weekend. The other day, Ninsi will be doing homework.

Last night, she and I went up to see 'Into the Blue.' Ninsi won free tickets to it last week during a radio promo. There are some very nice underwater shots, and some very nice shots of Jessica Alba's abs. The girl can undulate underwater, I'll give her that. After about half an hour of it though, I was done. Not enough plausible plot. About half an hour after that, Ninsi was done. So we left an hour into the free movie. Didnt get to see the end, but I am pretty sure I can guess it. Something to do with drugrunners. And there may even have been a moral in it. feh.

Still working too much this week. Next week should be betta.

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The radio show I sometimes listen to in the morning reviewed it. The reveiw had never seen Firefly, and all he knew is that it was a tv series cancelled on UPN. Basically he said it must have been pretty bad, if UPN cancelled it. Um, well lets see, UPN doesn't exactly target the sci-fi fantasy audience. But he did say it was surprisingly good, gave it 3 out of 5 and said it'll probably be the number one movie this week. Though he recommended History of Violence over it. Yeah - he's a sucky ass lame main stream movie reviewer. No real opinion himself though.


It was cancelled by Fox.

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