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Much to do

DragonCon is still over. For not quite a year. Of course, it always ends and you are left giddy and ready for the next year. Lots of blossoming costume ideas and whatnot.

Im stomping those down currently. To many things to do at the house that do not involve sewing, or learning a new craft. I would really like to get all the needles and pins at least put away for a week before hauling it back out. Lots to do in the backyard, including what will soon be known as "The Great Wasp Massacre of 2005." That may happen this weekend. Hopefully, it will be a wasp massacre, and not a "Failed Wasp Massacre that turned into the Great Wasp Stinging Phlome Dozens of times as he Ran Screaming Around the Yard and Out the Gate, followed by The Great Swelling from the Stinging."

I also want to redo this site. I have said that a few times, and I will keep saying it til it is done. Also, I will keep putting the link to the DragonCon 2005 photos in the text, until I have found a new place for such links. That, plus some of the photos will change as I get new and better ones from Zero, Demi, and Donut.

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I've posted 7 galleries worth over on my site if you want to send people there too. I need to get Zero's and Donuts other card too.

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