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Nothing if not busy

Very little time this week to get anything done it feels like. Trying to get a few things wrapped up at work before the week ends since I will be out of the office all next week in a class, and will not be able to do anything work related in that time.

At home, I finally finished the office, more or less. Everything was pretty much in its place, and then I went and dragged a lot of stuff out of the closet. I decided that my hard drive on my PC was starting to fail, so I had to get some stuff to take care of that issue. That was all I would up doing last night, trying to fix it. I think I was right in that it was failing, because it wouldn't even defrag due to a bad sector. A directory contain pictures from Zero's birthday party last year was completely unavailible. I am pretty sure I have them burned to a CD somewhere, so no big loss. Still concerned about the drive. Finally managed to get it to defrag. Took all night. And this morning started ghosting it to a new drive that I can hopefully just pop in as the new HD this evening. It should have finished ghosting around noon. We'll see.

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you still need to fix the link to Ninsi's site.

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