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Sometimes, they go 'crunch'

As everyone probably knows by now, we have a new puppy. As yet unnamed for a few more hours at least. Though Chaos does seem to have a good following. Acquistion of the puppy was really the biggest part of our weekend. It took up most of Saturday. Nothing much else happened.

Except the squirrel killing.

Ninsi, Luna, and I had just left the house, and I am pleasantly driving along the street when a squirrel decides this is the time to cross. We've all been there. The squirrel moves out, you slow down to try to avoid it. The squirrel stop, and darts, and nothing you can do will avoid that squirrel. Do they have a deathwish? I dont know. But sometimes, you just meet a squirrel that you absolutely cannot avoid. So it made a nice crunchy sound as I hit it. The sad part?

It was carrying another squirrel.

Ninsi can validate this. When the squirrel came out on the road, it looked like it had another squirrel in its mouth. Not big enough to be an adult, but something with a bushy tail. So, all I can conclude is that a momma squirrel was moving her babies across the street, and she just happened to go kamakazi when we passed.

One hit, two kills. Go me.

Oh, and I cleaned out the hot tub, so we can start using that again.

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That was a really nice segway into hot tub cleaning. :)

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