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"The email must flow"

With apologies to Frank Herbert. When the email doesn't flow, it can be a real pain in the ass at work. It wasn't flowing properly most of today. We could send, just not receive. So it wasn't a total meltdown. And it is working now, and at the end of the IT day, that is what really matters.

Ninsi couldn't quite bring herself to say "Trogdor" out loud when making a vet appointment for the puppy. So she went with Barley. That doesn't make it definitive, but those are the two options we are left with.

Barley v Trogdor.

Barley is okay. Trogdor is just funny. "burninating the peasants!"
I reckon we could compromise: Bargdor, or Trogley. Eh.

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Trogdors starting to burn into my head a little more. I'm starting to feel the greatness and potential of one named as so.


Trogdor rules nothing. He Burninates EVERYTHING!!!

God, I have got to fix the comment colors so they are readable...


I am pretty shure the chant will be "TROGDOR URINATES ON EVERTHING!"

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